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When I discovered that I was God



A dreamy existence



Kamjal and I stand at the Earth’s opposite pole, across the universe, and look at the shining gateway to drug-Semitism. All around us are the palm trees, especially palms, we see a large turtle with a big spider standing on the shell. The infrared radiation from Betelgeuse prevents the soil from developing spiritually. Once we get past Betelgeuse, we are free from Drogismens radiation. I get the seal on the forehead, arms, legs and testicles to protect me from Drogismens codes on earth. People are Drogismens victims.



10 000 years into the future, I see an earth consisting of desert. About 200 years is the great powers forgotten, when the steering African world. I see a small plane off the Pleiades. I have been asked to teach androids who cultivates the soil in which to think.



I see a big black pyramid rising from the sea. The water foams against the sides when it travels from the sea. Someone holds up a wine glass with a grape in. I taste the drink and it tastes divine.



I lie in bed and knows how someone wraps an invisible bandage on my body. I know how it is wrapped around and around and I ask – what it is for, but I get no response.



I’m out on a heath. There’s a bench there, on the bench sits a man holding up a sheet of paper toward me. I can see that something is written on it, then I stand on the heath again with small hills with bushes here and there.



I lie in bed and look out the window. Small, small dots will top up the window and out through the room. I feel that someone or something comes in and stands next to the window. The bright spots continue to come, there is a water glass on the dresser, I lie motionless and sees it. After a long time, I feel that there is a high-ranking creature. He says: Thank you, and he and the dots disappear. I remained for a moment and think about what has happened. I travel with me and go into the kitchen, watching the clock and realize that the whole incident took three hours.



I lie relaxed on the couch in the living room and think about Kamjal, then I feel afterwards that it becomes light around me and that I hover five feet above the sofa. So, I’m inside a spaceship, see two levers that move forward. I turn around and see the Earth as a blue little ball far away, so we begin rapidly approaching the blue ball. Suddenly, we are above a great sea and dive into a light blue opaque. At the bottom are the old ruins, pillars and a large statue with a broken face. I see a glass dome on the ground where I stand and look up at me.


Experience and dream

I’m out on the river and fish, when I look down into the water, I see three bright points quickly go beyond the water. I row ashore and go home. When I get home, I have no power. I may go down in the basement and replace three plugs. At night I dream that I am without power, I take a flashlight and go into the cellar to change the plugs. Downstairs in the basement, I am suddenly without flashlight. Someone stands in front of me and keep it in and lit on me. Then the three bright creatures up, mäniskoliknande but billowing fog creatures, two of them pulling me and trying to get me into the boiler room, the third kissed me on the cheek, so the dream was over.



A friend comes to visit, he sees an old iron weight that I have purchased and have been standing on a bookshelf. He lifts it up and asks if he can buy it. I think and hesitate when I see a bright blue light in weight, so I reply, ”maybe later”. It is night, I find it hard to breathe. As many times before I get up and out and take the car to run a bit, and as usual I get easier to breathe when I come out of the house. When I drove seven, eight kilometers, I see a black shadow in the form of a human body on the road. The strikes in the car when I drive on it. I dare not stop but continues to run a mil. On the way home, nothing happens, if breathing has eased and I go to bed and sleep. In the morning when I wake up I go out and check on the car, but I see no marks on it. Much later I read in a book that when the spirits are present, you get too much energy and have difficulty breathing.



I see a black human-like shadow coming from below the main road up to the summer house. Then two bright creatures, a man and a woman, the same as I have seen in the hall in the village, from house and hurries to the cottage, as if they were to meet there. I wake up and am afraid, looks out the window, but sees nothing.



My brother and his family is sleeping upstairs. I lie and sleep on the ground floor when I wake up and see two bright creatures, a man and a woman with bright robes, they look like people are bright, blonde both, and maybe in the 25-year-old walking hand in hand from the kitchen and through the hall, they will disappear.



I lie and sleep when there are two gray beings who take me up in each arm and we go right up through the roof, as in an elevator. I am in an intersection when something comes down from the sky. A tall blonde woman descends, she is long over six feet, and she laughs and says: – You will find me, never! I get angry and say: – Do not try, so I push her down in a snowdrift. After that dream I do not understand anymore the word ”Death”. I have tried but no longer understand the meaning. We all have a spiritual body that continues after death.



I lie and sleep, wakes up and sees a bright creature with bright robes run laughing through the room, it’s the same woman, and went through the hall. I drive my car in daylight, when a shot rang off so that it echoed throughout the car. I drive my car, one of my nightly trips. I have a CD in your stereo. It comes in votes in stereo, it is called multiple calls and people talking while the disc is. The words I remember are ”platform” and ”Vällingby”. I go and turn. When I go home, go up the door and something or someone grabs the wheel and turn the car on the roadside. After some sort of wrestling for control over the steering wheel, I closed the door and manage to fix the car. Since becoming still and I drive the car home. I’m on my way home after having visited my brother a couple of mil off. I have high speed in a curve, father of the way across a snow drift down into the ditch. Many thoughts have time to go over in my head. ”Obesiktad and everything,” I think, ”No I do not want, I want on the road again!” Then it becomes a bright light and so is the car on the road in the right lane and the front turning for home. I sit still for a while then I go home slowly. An elderly friend go out on a Saturday. A week later the phone rings, I go and respond. I can hear someone breathing heavily and you will hear the ”thump thump thump”. I cry hello several times but no answer. I hang up, go to bed and think about what or who it could be. After a while I realized what it was. My friend who passed away a week earlier, was breathing heavily and was thumping his cane as he leaned against the wooden floor. It was nice that he sent a greeting.



I go to visit a few friends. He is gone but she serves coffee. I sit at the table and drink. So I notice that I have a gray shadow behind me. I turn around sees the danger in the hall. I look at my friend and said: – Did you notice? – Yes, she replied. There was a young girl she called out ”Hello” with a young voice. I sit on the sofa and smoke, then said a voice from the hall – Do not look. I look down at the floor and sees a small ball rolls in and stops in the middle of the floor. There are various fields in some sort of light gray, the rest is transparent, size about 15 cm in diameter. I look up at my cockatoo and see that it looks straight at the kitchen floor. I awoke the next morning in my bed and have no idea what happened. I often wonder if it was my soul I saw. I’m in the living room on his way into the kitchen when I see a little gray creature glimpsed by in a corner, it is printed in gray and about 120 cm, a humanoid, I think. It often happens that I see shifts in the air in the house, sometimes translucent movements, sometimes light blue shades. One night I dreamed that I had a light blue sort of fog around me in bed and I have never slept so good. There are other stories of the blue rail in books. I’m in the barn and tweaking when I notice that something comes into play. I felt it, or it wanted me to clean the barn. I look at the gutter on the floor that is full of junk. – I promise to clean up, I say. Much later, a friend visiting. We talk and go to watch the apple trees. She stops and looks at the barn and asks: – Do you have tenants in the barn? – No, I replied. We stand in silence and look at the apple orchard, where she says: – I think it wants you to clean up. I replied: – I know, have not had time yet, I am waiting to get away from the car port. A few weeks later I got rid of the car and cleaned up the barn. I lie in bed in the village, there is something on the top floor. An invisible voice says: – Hold my hand! I hug an unseen hand, something comes down the stairs. – Do not look, says the voice, I close my eyes, squeeze and fear. This one comes down the stairs into the hall, I hear the front door is opened o closed. I open my eyes, the voice says: – Go into the kitchen. I get up and go into the kitchen, slowly I go to the window and looks out. I see a transparent creature, as heat shimmer above a hot road, but in the form of a body. It goes against the car, take the back door but then disappears down the entrance. The voice says: – Drink it up! I take a glass of water and drink. A few days afterwards, I see a small cloud of those waves in the kitchen. I’d better drink up those too I think and take a glass of water.



Kamjal – I call her so. She says she comes from a town in the future called Kamjal. She came in 2002 to stay and help with everything. – I am your contract, she says. I saw her many years ago in Stockholm, but knew nothing then, I was just confused. Once she stood in the hallway of the apartment building where I lived. Another time she stood in the domestic hall at the airport. Now she has come to stay. She says – I’m waiting. Time flows like many times before, on and off like a shining star in the sky, like a lamp. It is time flow Kamjal says.



I lie on the sofa and rest, then slightly translucent flying into the kitchen. It lies on the legs, I feel a slight pressure. There will be another one still in and through the room as if searching for something. It disappears. The pressure on the legs eases and what I have lying on your legs go up and disappear as well.



At home on the mountain, it is evening and I lie in bed and rest. I hear Kamjal say; – Someone wants to meet you. I get up and go into the kitchen, sit at the table. Everything is quiet and I think what it is. I sit and look out the kitchen window facing the road. Then I see display cabinet behind me reflected in the kitchen window. It is a creature in front of the cabinet. Slowly open the door to the display cabinet, so it turns on behind me. It has brown fur all over your body, your eyes are glowing yellow. Slowly, it approaches me. I see the wink, the light turns green when it flashes. I flash back with one eye where I sit and look out the window. Slowly approaching it from behind. I feel that I am unable to sit still any longer. I take my right hand and hitting the left shoulder and think: Now we will contact you. Then it was gone and I have not seen it since.



It is evening and dark. I’ve sat and watched TV. I’m going into the kitchen when I feel there is something outside the front door. Neck hairs rise up, the entire back is lumpy. – You can not get in, I say, and go gently against the front door and teeth brolampan. I walk into the kitchen and sit at the table. I’ll wait a long time but everything is quiet so I go to bed. I do not know what it was for nothing. I stand in the kitchen in front of a border of some kind. I feel powerless and feel a terrible despair over not being able to get through. I have gotten up and go out to run the scooter down to the village. I look up to heaven and sees an elongated object high up. I start the scooter and follow, it also travels to the village sloping westward. As I approach the village disappears beyond the horizon. A flying cigar.



I see two glowing creatures in the kitchen, which by candle light, they look like humans, they are about 150 cm long, they stand and look at me – We are few left, they say. It feels like they are the oldest living creatures.



I lie in bed in the village, feel lonely and abandoned. Then put one hand in mine and I know three little fingers in my hand. – You’ll enjoy forever but you have to die first said it. I answer: – Yes, since becoming quiet and still and I fall asleep. I lie in bed and looks great rivulets of blood running down the headboard. I do not know what that means. I lie in the half stupor upstairs and rest, so raise any volume on the lower floor as bass drums in the floor.


Some comments by Kamjal

You are of the same race. You have a gift. Want to be a prophet? Suffice it to. It grows quickly in space. I want a life. There are 15,000 civilizations around the earth. I ask: – Is Jesus? – ”He will.” – Can I become a medium? – ”Oh, yes” – Salutation in space? – ”Thanks for dinner.” We thank you for the spiritual food.



I do not know who of my friends behind my back in the village. So she draws a finger across my neck from behind and says: – The tattoo you!


Quotes from various old books and your own comments

There are many known sequence, but most come from ancient Egypt. Copts came from Tanzania and Africa to Egypt and then spread to Palestine. The most fanatical Jews still worship the Copts. The Jews may have been nomads who came from Southeast Asia, and drove out the Canaanite population? From the peninsula Lisa’n were around in 1810 still a ford in which one could walk across the Dead Sea. In central Africa marshes were a people called Hamit, Africa’s indigenous peoples they were brown with a similar South American look. If you read on the development of languages was Hamit the language most closely related to the white race. If we speculate about, and read about Atlantis, it will use to build pyramids of Atlantis to South America and from there came perhaps to Africa? Looking at the albatros Board’s distribution exists only between two latitudes, which goes over Makoroffdjupet and Bermuda. I do not know if they still have found the sea albatros’s breeding grounds. Albatrosses might be looking for Atlantis? – Mentioned by Homer, who claims he took part of his information from ancient Egyptian legends.



Time Fusion – if I drive for 2 km in 2 minutes, going the same distance in 20 minutes, it means that civilization reached 2 km, 18 minutes faster at 1 million years? (Homo Sapiens 1 million years) Love is a suggestion for us to survive as a species. Life flows constantly through different dimensions, when we die we float on to a new dimension. I’m looking for Drogismens father, we are Drogismens victims. A couple are tonk lang harmony. Is it because the brain is enclosed within a shell, which we imagine an end to the universe and can not understand infinity?


The Pyramids

Semjal say they landed in the sea for half a million years ago. In a dream I see a large pyramid come from the sea with the water rushing by the sides. Is it Semjal and her civilization which is the origin of all earthly pyramids? The first pyramids were built during the Old Kingdom between 2750 BC and 2280 BC. During this time built Cheops, the largest pyramid. Pharaohs built pyramids for themselves to mimic Semjal and her civilization spaceship? Queen of Sheba belonged Semmiterna which belonged Hammiterna, Africa’s indigenous peoples. Was it when the Copts, descended from Hammiterna came to Egypt as the practice of building pyramids started? Coptic Church must come from Semjals civilistation and Jesus was one of the Copts, or one of Semjals population? Was it a big pyramid ship that was blown up / killed at Tunguska, Siberia? For over a century, mariners in the Indian Ocean told of large luminous wheels rolled over the surface. Rotating and foaming wheel of the Persian Gulf April 1, 1956, three cases of different ships 1967th


MIB men in black

David Tansley, a UFO-theorist has thrown the ”Mib” would be some kind of demonic, supernatural beings. I drove on a black character (demon) with my car. It slammed into the car but there were no marks on it. It may be that the black characters can have dark clothes on other occasions, and then called the ”Men in Black”. I have also seen a dark 50-talsbil follow me on a summer evening and then disappear. There are tales of dark creatures several hundred years back in time.


Arts and Mathematics

They say the universe is built on mathematics. If you have a stretch in the air and the idea is in one place, and looks at a different place on the route. It is also one or is it philosophical? If the universe is built on math, we should not just think mathematically or are not we a part of the universe? Or is there a spiritual universe?


The mathematical terms

Example: If you have a brick and measure it, we say that it is thirty inches long. So we measure from the center of our Big Bang to the outermost detected matter (celestial bodies). We say that the radius is thirty inches, so we draw a circle around it all and figure out everything in mathematical terms, and explains that it is the universe. So we travel beyond all known limits, into the infinite and mathematics is meaningless. But the idea is working and can be used. So we travel a day in the infinite and comes to a new Big Bang (the universe). There we find the matter and can begin to measure and use math again. In the infinite works only the human senses, philosophy, logic and imagination. But you can use mathematics by measuring up your ship, then your ship has become a universe. If you do not have a ship, not even a body, then you have nothing to measure and it is meaningless. You are just a being, it’s that kind of beings among us here on earth.


Big Bang

Is the Big Bang or the universe or two that move? (Expands) it should be possible to measure the mass of the empty space (vacuum) if it is moving or standing still (there should be some small particles). Then there would be many Big Bang, if space is infinite, as it should be. There is a theory of Fred Hoyle, ”The steady state theory,” If you light a firecracker and throwing it up in the air, explodes like a Big Bang, but then it disappears and the environment is left. (Time and space). The time is constant, the room changes (dimensions bills). There should be no way to make a journey through time in one dimension (this dimension) but you travel to another dimension, there have been a journey.


Time flow

Or is it the one that scientists say, there’s only one Big Bang, the universe’s origin, or that they advocate, nothing exploded out of nothing UTI nothing and so created the universe? Or is it that nothing changes? At one time advocated that the sun revolves around the earth. And the earth is still the center, now in a single universe created out of a Big Bang. Man is the same as ever, the center of everything. All creatures common spirituality is God. The body is the temple of the Spirit. Wake’s house! When I was a child, 7-8 years, I stood outside the house and saw three small triangular planes fly along the road. When I did military service, I was a mechanic and took care of the Dragon Plan. How can black holes send out X-rays?


Twilight Zone – Between dream and reality

Pali, my dear humanoidväninna, I love her neck, the shimmer of the rainbow. One evening she said to me: – Last night we will gather gods. – Well, I say and do not understand much. I sit at the table and everything is calm. Dusk falls, the mist falls in both the secular o the dimensional. Then the trolls, giants and all sorts of creatures from the unreal. People gods, smoking god, envious god etc. All will, it takes all night. I sit at the table still and motionless. Pali is on the floor in front of me, she looks so small and frail, but she is stronger than most. So when they came one by one, giants, trolls and all human gods. The fact is that there are gods for all sorts of things that people ask for and Pali have said we will collect it at night. They come one by one and all have gold rings as proof of his divinity. They come in and see me sitting still and motionless, so they put their rings on the floor beside me. They come in a steady stream throughout the night. Then begin some powerful gods to doubt, and go and take back their gold rings. They become hesitant when they see me sitting motionless and new gods continually press, so they go to bed back their rings again. So it goes on all night, it finally peters out and Pali and I’ll be alone. I notice that Pali may own thinking tions on all the power that lies on the floor, so I’ll take two rings and thread across her neck. – Forgive me, ‘she says, taking two rings that she wood of my leg. I turn around and look through a hole straight through the earth to the other side of the globe, which sits Blenda, my young love. Above her is a little blond boy, with his hands folded as if praying. I think, it’s her boy? I cry out to Blenda; – How’s it going? – Good, she says, – We have collected almost all rings, we can cope very well. – Bye, I answer. All the time I see the Princess of Monaco, running naked in a garden and scream completely insane. I see Prince Rainier of Monaco to stand in a suit, and then bows himself, then it’s all over. (A week later dies Prince Rainier of Monaco.) I go to bed. When I wake in the morning I turn on the TV, they show a program about the papal election. I feel all the time that I see on the program, how an invisible ring circulating over the right leg. I heard a robotic voice that I asked different things all the time, so it stops and a new voice with a higher level accounts. This is repeated several times over a period of time. I ask Pali what it is, it’s our little secret she replies. I promise an evening surgery if they want, if they are not dangerous. So one evening, they will, it makes a lot of pain around the left ear for a long time. I fall asleep to the end and notice then that I have an oblong lump under the left ear.



Some apeman seems to be immune to bullets while others seem to have the ability to just disappear. All continents are still wilderness, jungle or forest-covered mountains. Europe has the smallest surface non-civilized territory which may explain why reports of apeman almost never occur there. During the 70s there were several sightings of Hibagon as it is called in Japan. 1974 saw the farmer Albert Kubo a 1.5 m wide-eyed creature. On the Australian continent is called the Yowie. Observations are reported on a regular basis ever since the late 1700s. The Australian Yowie researcher Rex Gilroy has collected more than 3,000 reports o observations. One observation in particular close range was reported by a national workers in the Springbrook area in Queensland in March 1978. When he heard a grunting sound, he thought that a pig let loose and went into the woods to look for it. Then it was something that made him look up and there, four feet in front of him, stood a large, black-haired little over two feet long hairy humanoid creature. It had a flat, black and shiny face with two large yellow eyes and a hole to mouth. When I was on a fishing trip in the mountains a fall in the early 80th century it became dark. I had to sit on a rock for hours and wait for dawn. When it became light, I saw that it was white on the ground, it had started snowing during the night. I stood up, stretched out my lead and started to walk DOWN the mountain on the way home. When I get down to the tree line and into the spruce forest, I come to a clearing and I hear the grunts behind a tree next to me. I stiffens, stands motionless and paralyzed. I do not know how long I stand there but then I regain consciousness, I stand still and look straight ahead, not daring to move. About a 100 meters ahead of me, I see a bog, I begin to move forward, stiffly and looking straight in front of me. So I go until I’m a bit out of the bog, where I stop and turn around slowly on, standing still and looking at the woods behind me and think that I must be prepared to defend myself. I stand there and look but not see or hear any more and starts to rapidly go neröver until I come to a road and go home. I have all these years thought it was a bear I heard but then I had Lilly in the kitchen, I wondered if it was not she out there in the woods. Kamjal say yes when I ask if it was Lilly who was out there in the woods. Forests wild man are characters that often appear in folklore around the world. In medieval England, they went under the name Woodwoses, you can see them depicted on the walls of the Anglican churches. In the Himalayas known as the Yeti. In the former Soviet republic called the Alma, in the North American Big Foot. The average length of a Big Foot seems to lie somewhere between 1.8 and 2.1 meters, although much smaller individuals have been reported. In North America there are many reports related to UFOs. One of the earliest descriptions of Alma from the 1400s. The descriptions Mongolian and Russian scientists received the Alma says they are about 163 cm long and has dark, often reddish hair all over his body. It is also said that a hairy humanoid creature living in China where it has been dubbed the ”Wild Man”.



She is a water creature. – We landed in the sea for 500 000 years ago, she says, and they can travel piece as all the rivers on earth. One night I dream of the big wheel as a father with a furious pace through the village. Later I read in a book that sailors sometimes have seen big wheels go over the waves in the ocean. Semjal told me a lot to me but it is difficult to reproduce. I was about seven years old when she first came, I sat on the bridge and fished. I know that something happened at that time. I was on my way home, I went and thought about what happened on the bridge and suddenly I was standing at the farm, without having noticed that I had gone a hundred yards. I’ve thought a lot about the event. So a few years ago, she came again and I heard a long, strange story, which I’ll try to reproduce. One evening I go out into the hall, there is something that pounds in your head, it feels like a heavy pressure. So I feel a keen eye to her cheek and a voice that says: – When will you understand? Another time, she says: – You have a predicate, I have four. I do not know what she means by that. She says that a soil is divided in four years for them. I is operated by Semjal and her daughter. Semjal says all the time for her daughter what she is doing, they help each other. They use silver wire tenseril, which includes ammonia, it all goes horribly fast.



I see a man in black suit standing in a train. There are windows in the roof and daylight sometimes, it seems as if the train is running through tunnels. The man holding a black briefcase in one hand, I see the other hand, sleeve slides up a bit and on the wrist, he has a bracelet with a mark on. The label is blank with a picture of a blue horizon with a red sun in the middle and the letters DECCA engraved. He loses a little red envelope on the floor, but do not notice it. A dark-skinned man comes into the car and looks at him, then I wake up.





It starts at a young age, I am a seven-eight years and I have gone to bed for the night. So I dream, I am out and floating in the universe where the stars just glides past, I have an incredible sense of freedom and is happy. So I wake up to, and is inconsolable, the wonderful feeling of freedom is gone. I think many days on the wonderful dream, and so want to be among the stars again. So one night when I put myself, I lie and look at the luminous Sandman with umbrella, hanging from the ceiling. Then I get a whim and ask him for help. I think the Sandman and ask: – Can you help me so I am going to the stars again? So I lie and look at him until I fall asleep and I’m there again, I float among the stars as a spirit, free and independent, and feel just outsinnligt good. Then I wake up in the end, and is just as unhappy again, I beg to Sandman many evenings after that but will never get back the dream some more time. So is he for many years, namely forty. Pali has been some time ago. We’ve talked a lot, so one night she takes up the dream and wants me to tell you how I did, she seems anxious and says I have to share with you a dream so that others can experience it, but I have no plans to share with me. We discuss and I said: – Never, it’s my bed! So we are, and I’m starting to become ”great” to me, and demand more and more to share with you. Then I say: – I want to have his own day, the eighth day, my very own day, to share with me, and then we do not talk more about that in a long time. Then comes Kamjal up, and helps me with everything. Then one evening in a weak moment, I promise her that she may be represented in the dream and soar among the stars.


What is the name God

I’m a few years older, sleep and have a funny dream. I dream of heaven as a round sphere, then it is an opening in the sphere, out of nothing. Then suddenly I understand everything, I go into a sort of half stupor, go into the kitchen and finds a piece of paper and a pen and write down the name of god. I walk into my bedroom, there is a shelf on the wall that says a little blue safes with combination locks that I have been once. I put the patch there and go to bed again, always in some kind of trance. Then I wake up in the morning, remember the dream and rushes up and unlock the safe, but it is empty, there is no overlap! I understand nothing, get angry and go on my little brother, accusing him of having taken the patch, but he refuses and says he can not code, but I say that he probably can open it anyway, but he continues to deny so I do not know what to believe. So is he for many years and I am an adult, and learn that they came down from heaven to fetch patch when I was asleep.


When I discovered that I was God

After many years, my life, I remember what I wrote on a piece of paper and put into a safe. I wrote ”Who is God, I ‘.



The earth has a counterweight on the other hand, the universe, when we passed by the drug-Semitism, people, animals and plants go through space in one dimension and change places with each other so that it becomes even weight on both planets.



Marita and Blenda, my two Valkyries, sitting on my legs. Pali sitting on the couch next to, we will live out Armageddon to the earth shall flee from it. We start in the living room and travel farther and farther away from Earth, but soon reaches the masses and flame us from the end of the world. The noise and roar is deafening. Once we are past Betelgeuse, we have managed, I sit and poets all the time in Viking style, it’s hour after hour with rhymes that flow together and belong together. Finally, everything is quiet and peaceful. We are past Betelgeuse, Armageddon and Drug-Semitism can not move anymore. I’m tired, it has lasted long, the journey in a quiet room, but in another dimension. I walk into the kitchen and take a pipe that I longed for several hours. I ask: – Pali, how will I remember the poets so that I can write them down? – They are on the second shelf in the royal library, she answers.



I dream, it’s out there in the universe, dimmlika veils swirling around, I see a counter with new figures, click the whole time. I do not understand what it is, but then I get worried and think that perhaps it counts up until the end of the world, as a counter. I see four digits, but can not remember them anymore.


The sample

I lie in bed, Blenda is next, still and motionless, and we are looking at the ceiling. Then I’m alone, I lock the upper arms and legs, Pali waiting next to and I have a camera above me so that Council can see how I react. I guess Blenda lies elsewhere and is undergoing the same procedure. There goes an hour, so click it and a lock opens. I lie still and motionless and move not a muscle. An hour, and one to lock clicks and opens himself. How can I be until all locks opened, if I can do it. I do not remember how many locks it was. I feel that I get saliva in the mouth, and feel a terrible need to cough and spit out, but then everything is ruined, and I will not be approved. I’m scared that I will not do it and give up and talking telepathically with Pali and says I can not do it, but she reassures me. We use the stomach, bukprat that Pali has taught me, when you think about, but moving down to mind your stomach before you send them. We do this because the Council will not hear us, then I lose consciousness. When I get consciousness back, I lie there, and all locks are open, I think I’ve lost, but I’m passing. I look at the Pali, and understand that she stunned me so that I could do myself. We get a contract, Blenda and I, in two thousand years. But after discussing the Pali with the Council and the Council decide when we should have ten thousand years. We will not meet again until about ten thousand years! Blenda should sit somewhere in the southern cross, and I will be left on earth. We have an isotope of us, something happens to us, destroyed the earth. When the contract expires, we renew it if we want. I understand when Pali explains that there are many beings who sit with contracts throughout the universe, but Pali says that most have five thousand years, but Blenda and I’ve got ten thousand years.



I see a dreamy vision, me and my little brother is in heaven among the angels, that’s festivities, but so does my brother and I to one side, and stand talking and whispering to each other. We are discussing a woman’s name, then he returns to Earth, and I leave heaven to look up drug-Semitism with Pali and Kamjal. People are Drogismens victims. Drug-Semitism is the being who created us, we are biological robots. They have also created the heaven for us, there is a heaven around each planet.



I dream, I’m on Olympus. The gods sit and discuss, so says one of the gods: – Someone has tail here! I wonder if it is me he mean?



I have had many dreams and very strange has happened. In the mornings I can find long blond hairs on your clothes, and furniture. I can not understand where they come from and go and look in the mirror to see if I am a grizzled, but as long hair, I have not. It happens many mornings and I do not understand from where they will. How do I move up the mountain and Kamjal turns out (after many years). She was in Stockholm in the eighties and I had forgotten about her. She has long blond hair and a long white dress on, in Stockholm, she had a long blue coat on. She says she comes from a town in the future called Kamjal, fifty thousand years into the future. I have no concept of it is on Earth or somewhere else her city is located, in a parallel world to Earth. It is the nineteenth-century France, but fifty thousand years into the future of our era. She says she lives on air. She looks to be a seventeen-eighteen years but says she is seventy years. It happens a lot with her around, but then we shall go out and travel with the Pali to check for drug-Semitism.



I wake up many times exactly at twelve o’clock at night, and is wide awake, it is in progress for many years, and I wonder why the Pali, but never any answer. So one night on the mountain I wake up wide awake and get up to drink water. Indeed, I look at the clock on the wall and the dot indicates midnight. I ask myself so many times before why, but I hear a voice that says: – You have a transmitter that sends you out fear. Then I hear the spirits speaking out on the bridge, they say: – The oil lamp is lit, we can not go into. I lie in bed again, and finally understand how things fit together, but do not understand why I had to wait so long for an answer.



I stand in the kitchen and sees a wolf quickly rush through the woods across the road. It’s like a big red fox, but brown in color, I feel instinctively that it comes from the dark side of the spirit world. Since then, my cat used to sit next to my cage and my cockatoo and scout down the road for days. A curious cat, I felt many times observed, and turned away to see the cat sit and look at me, jerked it to as if it had been caught in the act and looked away! It was a tomcat, but it never went down from the farm. I was away for a week and then it came out, then got it taken down to the village and was shot. Some time after I got home I lie and rest on the floor when I hear a male voice that says the firm and fierce voice: – Where is the cat? When I sit and write Kamjal says that she was the cat. As my now deceased friend said so many times when he came to visit, and sat and scratched the cat: – This cat must be one in a million! I remember once when it was sitting in the yard and poked absently on a mouse with one hand, as if it was boring. I had two cats from the beginning and when the sister was not on the box, he tried to get her to go there. Then when a friend came and shot his sister sat on the couch and looked at the wall for hours without moving. I had a dream later that her sister came running in the yard on his way into the house, she was black and white, Busan, the special cat was gray striped. It is said that cats can see into other worlds, in ancient Egypt they were sacred. There are also myths about spirits can take place in animal cells and use their minds. I have often noticed that something / someone joking with my cockatoo, so that it arouses my attention. It can scream for no reason in a certain way that I see, or jump straight out of the cage tops when it is loose and watch over itself as it does not matter about who touched it.



One day they will, Mikroneserna. The talk here and there in the kitchen but I do not see anything, there are some new things here, but I do not know who they are. But then when they have been here a few days, we start talking and I know who they are, father and mother, and two daughters. They are so small that they are invisible to the eye. They say they are in the universe but I do not know if their universe is so big? One day the father said that they are a bit lost and do not really know where they are, he expects in a perverse way, and trying to figure out where they are, but I’ll find a way to help him. I’m going to knock a wall, and asks if he can figure out how far it is there? – Yes it is possible he says and begins to count, he has figured out the route and go there with her little invisible ship. So I go and knock on the wall opposite, he begins again to count, and go there. So we go through all the rooms downstairs. – Now I find he says, I have all the coordinates, now we can handle ourselves. So is he a few days, and I ask if they want to live in the barn? – What is it? he asks. There is a house outside of this house, I explain, then so do I open the door, and takes out the nail and hammer, and go and hit a nail beside the barn gate, I’ll go back and ask him if he can figure out the route to the nail? – I’ve already done, he says. – Good, I say, and say that they have much room, if he seeks himself until he can figure out coordination groups throughout the barn. He goes away and is gone a long line times. One day, much later, I lie and think of the counter that I saw in a dream and the thoughts fly away to the time when I was fishing on the bridge over the river and it happened a thing. There appeared Semjal up, and suddenly from nowhere comes a thought – ”14:52” – and I hear a sudden Mikroneserna, who has been away so long, talk to each other, so he says, we should count on it, we can soon go away. They mean to the dimension where Kamjal are coalfish, parallel world to Earth.


Contact with Aliens

After many years of trying to get in touch with them by me when I presented myself for the night saying / thinking telepathically that I can help them if they contact me. So one afternoon when I lie in bed and rest, I look out the window and sees a bright star behind the birch tree, which stands outside the window, but it starts to behave strangely, the father up, down, and sideways, when I see it through the branches of the birch. They are trying to attract attention. They have made contact. It is the beginning of a long series of events, and observations. Some fifteen years ago I saw a ”flying cigar” when I went from sports hut down to the village. About the same year, but during the summer, I was out driving a car when I passed the sports hut on the other side of the river. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a black car behind me, it looked strange, I thought, as a fifty-century car. I passed a curve, and kept looking in the rearview mirror, but it never came, it had disappeared. Another time, my now deceased friend, and I am on my way home from the mountains when he was excited look in the mirror, and says: – There’s something strange flash of light that follows us! He continues to run but watching all the time on it behind us. I refuse to turn around and see what it is, but senses danger and wonder if there are friends from above by following us. There is a few kilometers, then it’s gone. The friend is talking all the time about what he saw and guess at all possible, but I say nothing. Later something years after I saw them behind the birch, I had driven a tour in the evening, and stopped next to the river, I step out and look at the stars. Then I see a light that travels down the village. I step into the car and following the slow down towards the village, and looks up in the box now and then to see if it is left. So I am down in the village, and drive up the yard, get out of the car and look up. Well it is left almost directly above me. So turn on, and disappears slowly eastward, I can get up and see it disappear behind the hill, my horizon where I stand. Later when I moved up the hill, they passed many times.



Pali, I call her so, I have put a P in front of alienation, she is a humanoid. She and I stand and look out at the stars one night. Then she points out telepathically three of the stars we see, I know what I’m going to look at and there is life she says. Much later when I’m standing alone by the window and watching the stars, I see a light moving on the hill across the river. It is up a bit above the horizon then I popped down to the treetops, then up again and down, it is repeated a few times, then disappears. I stand far left and think. Maybe they want me to move up the mountain, where it’s secluded, I think. And so it becomes. Some time later I moved from the village up the mountain.



Semjal is a water creature, but I’ve never seen her, only felt and heard her. I have a vision, one day I see them in the community, the streets, they look like other people but to recognize them on the eyes. I understand more and more to the transparent creature I saw on the farm in the village is their true form, they are very concerned about developments on the earth and environmental degradation. They try to help without being seen, but their goal is to save the earth. As a last resort, people must disappear in order to save the earth. It’s like the Pali and the other by trying to arrange contacts and mediate between us two beings on earth, but it’s a long way to go.




Creatures with fur

Lilly is in the kitchen the same as in the forest, on the farm and in the village? The translucent creature I saw on the farm had the same size as Lilly in the kitchen. I have often seen shifts in the air similar to what I saw on the farm. Quote ”some so-called apeman seem to have the ability to just disappear.” It was, as I understand Pali, who helped me so that I could see the transparent creature in the yard and told me I could drink. Pali is a humanoid. I always look bright in the sky in the winter, I wonder if Lilly or Pali? I have tried once when I an autumn evening a few years ago, and was fishing with a friend. It got dark and we sat by a fire and made coffee and talked. It blinked at one place in the sky and then I understood that they knew where I was. I said no to my friend. He sat o looked into the fire and talked. I thought earlier that it was Semjal I saw on the farm but has now switched to believe that it is Lilly who was there, that she is the one that stays around when strange things happen. Was Lilly in the woods and later Kamjal, my helper, who appeared a few times in Stockholm and then home on the mountain again? And it was Lilly who appeared with his physical body in the kitchen at home on the mountain? In such cases, it may explain some thirty years of my life, I’m not morbid as I had been stamped on and which I myself am very aware of. But I have had and received some supernatural qualities. I am very well aware of how other people react, think and feel. I leave just one example: Mr. Bush was in an election debate against a rival politician before his final presidential term. He goes to the pulpit and said: – It is a guy. I use the Pali now and he can not talk about this and said: – Never mind, and goes slowly back to his podium. This I write only for future history. The first time I was sure of my ability, although it had been since I was a kid, was when the Shah of Iran died. Then I was confident and knew what I could. How my life ends not know, yes, if it is on Earth or somewhere else.



The dark forces will one night. I hear them in my inner ear in the yard: – A Kuwai, a Kuwai is loose! I do not know what they mean.

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  1. Det blev ju en hyfsat bra översättning med hjälp av Google. Man kan faktiskt förstå det allra mesta.

    Sedan är det en helt annan sak att dina drömbilder och visioner är svårbegripliga i sig. Men det är de ju också i svensk språkdräkt.

    Ja, nu är det bara att vänta på att du ska nå internationell berömmelse, kajmal.

    Fast då bör du kanske sprida denna engelska översättning på olika sajter världen över.

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